Angela Jackson is an award-winning writer (represented by United Agents), tutor and workshop facilitator. A former psychology lecturer, Angela is currently working on her second novel, The Darlings, and a television script, Pop. Originally from the north of England, she now lives in her adopted home of Edinburgh with her family.


Angela’s debut novel, The Emergence of Judy Taylor, was awarded Edinburgh International Book Festival’s First Book Award in 2013, and was selected as Edinburgh Waterstones Scottish Book of the Year. It reached number two in the UK Kindle chart and number one in France and Germany’s English language Kindle charts. Angela was also named one of Amazon’s Rising Stars.


The Emergence of Judy Taylor was described as one of the debuts of the year, and by one critic as: “One of the most well-observed and bluntly honest accounts of a relationship I have read in a long time.”

“So many lines and passages in this book are quote-worthy. She has the knack of capturing a mood or a feeling with one short phrase, or a cleverly selected contemporary reference. These are hilarious in certain contexts and quite heartbreaking in others. Every reader will recognise themselves in one or more of the characters and, I wager, will look at life slightly differently as a result. And only the very best fiction can do that.”

“Thought-provoking, darkly funny, hauntingly truthful and wonderfully uplifting. If you ever thought of walking out on all you have ever known, The Emergence of Judy Taylor is just the book for you!”


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