Judy’s Edinburgh

The Emergence of Judy Taylor has been described as a love letter to Edinburgh. It is. It’s also a love letter to the north of England. 

Judy was born and grew up in a town very, very, very similar (some would say identical) to this https://ilovemanchester.com/wigan-happiest-town-greater-manchester

This is the first place Judy visits when she arrives in Edinburgh. If you want someone to look after you and serve you delicious comfort food and coffee made with love, this is the place. https://www.facebook.com/digiorgiocaffe/

Edinburgh changes every season. In summer, the population doubles, and artists from every part of the globe swan in, take to tiny and huge stages, and entertain audiences for an hour at a time. Unmissable. https://www.edfringe.com/

Judy lives just off Leith Walk, for a while. https://www.timeout.com/edinburgh/blog/six-things-not-to-miss-on-leith-walk-082416

This is Shakti, the inspirational friend of the author who features in the novel to encourage Judy to do something that scares her. https://www.shakti.jp/about-shakti Shakti is awesome.