What people say:

The Emergence of Judy Taylor is a heart-wrenching yet dryly funny tale of relationships and second chances. Grazia

One of the debuts of the year. It is also one of the most well-observed and bluntly honest accounts of a relationship I have read in a long time. Funny, spiky, touching and tragic. So many lines and passages in this book are quote-worthy and I found myself reading them aloud to anyone who would listen. Jackson has the knack of capturing a mood or a feeling with a short phrase, or a cleverly selected contemporary reference. She is a Mary Wesley for the 21st century. I loved every page of this novel. Every reader will recognise themselves in one of more of the characters and, I wager, will look at life slightly differently as a result. And only the very best fiction can do that.  meandmybigmouth blog

An enriching read. A brilliantly observed, original take on universal themes of love, life and relationships. Matt Cain (Costa Awards judge)

Outstanding. Thought provoking, observant and sensitive. It’s a book about life and living it the best way we can. Left on The Shelf blog

Engrossing. What set this book apart was the quality of the writing. I loved it. Being Anne blog

A wonderful, home-grown success. Nick Barley, Director of Edinburgh International Book Festival

REVIEWS OF THE DARLING MONOLOGUES (a one-woman show written, directed and performed by Angela Jackson at the Edinburgh Fringe, based on characters from both novels):

As with all of these women’s stories, there’s a humour, hope and big hearts at the core of even the darkest aspects of their tales. This is where Jackson’s genius for revealing character through apparently simple stories shines. She is a brilliant storyteller, and has a natural, human warmth which shines through in all of her characters. This is the kind of performance that sticks in the memory long after you’ve gone home and got on with your life. You might realise how lucky you are, or you might start to dwell on the darkness visible just under the surface of the lives of your own friends and family. But it’s a life-affirming warmth and generosity of spirit that remains the most outstanding. Do go and see this dark, but gentle, loving and beautiful performance. You’ll love the way the stories evolve, and the way you get to know these women well in just a few minutes with Jackson’s polished and delightfully delivered performance. She not only writes these characters well, she brings them to life with uncanny ease. edinburghfestival.org

Meet Lily, Sadie and Ruby, acutely observed characters brought to life by their creator, award-winning writer Angela Jackson. Fresh from the pages of her novels, these women and their relationships are fully revealed in three frank and darkly funny, monologues. Sex, secrets, birth, death, infidelity and Russian Red lipstick – no subject is out of bounds. Compelling, with a northern nod to unsentimental compassion and wry wit. Limited run. The List list.co.uk


Beautifully observed. Alan Bennet in his female form.

Talking Heads meets Victoria Wood.

Funny, witty, touching and sharply observed.

So much warmth and heart. Loved it!

A one-woman tour de force!

Comic genius.

Is there anything this woman can’t do? Truly moving.

Superb, wonderful, funny, moving.

She has the vigour, insight and humour of Julie Walters.

Magnificent. The performance ranged from incredibly funny to tear-inducing poignancy.



Delightful, moving, poignant.

Amazing, profound and funny.

Beautifully drawn characters.

Great script. Shows that life is never black or white.



Brilliant. Funny, real, honest and true.

Love, love, loved it!